My progress in 2019 and plans for the last quarter

This year I decided that I would shoot more consistently and place renewed focus on my photography. Although I have been shooting for 6 years, it has not been very consistently. In 2017 and 2018 I did 5 photo shoots in total. My progress was stagnating and I felt terrible because photography is something I had wanted to commit to.

With a renewed sense of urgency, I decided to shoot more often this year and have managed 43 photo shoots so far! Despite moving to a completely new city this year (Berlin) and having to establish new networks from scratch.

I am really happy that I finally was able to make photography a priority. With the year coming to an end, I thought I would give some thought about what I might want to achieve in the last three months to make the most out of 2019.

Until now I have focused on increasing the frequency of my photo shoots and I want to switch to focusing on shooting more intentionally. I will limit myself to 10 photo shoots and planning each individual shoot more.

I would like to start shooting in terms of photography series that revolve around a specific concept, so that every photo shoot is like a different “chapter” of a series. I was for example, really drawn to the wicca-theme I shot earlier this year and so I would like to do a “Witches” series. And I also realized that I am drawn to shooting crowns and gowns and so I also want to start a “Royalty” series. In general, I think I would like to explore the fantasy genre and build a portfolio that tells narratives of fictional, imaginary worlds. Sort of like an escape to another place where things are always beautiful and always perfect.